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IMA is a global production, marketing and communication for brands and artists based in Ibiza.

It was born in 2014 as a booking and management agency for artists, with a meticulous and complete dedication, which has a consolidated reputation in the electronic music sector.

Since May 2020, IMA has expanded its services to offer its clients a complete 360º service, covering all aspects of the different sectors of the music industry: consulting, music production and advertising, communication, media planning, marketing, graphic design, social management and, of course, booking and artistic management, the leitmotiv of our existence.

The IMA team is made up of professionals specialized in each of these areas, who are passionate about electronic music and have years of experience in the sector. They also collaborate and work closely and directly with brands, media and professionals of great recognition within this musical genre, making it one of the main networks dedicated to advanced music.

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